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Decorative Concrete

ARS Specialty Contractors provides a wide variety of decorative options for commercial and industrial applications. The design possibilities are endless, and both new construction and existing structures can benefit from our trained and talented staff of applicators.

Reactive and Non- Reactive Stains 
Reactive stain (commonly called chemical or acid stain) can be applied to new as well as old concrete. The acid in these stains has metallic salts that react with the top 1/8” of lime in the concrete slab, producing a marbled color. Several factors affect the final outcome of coloration, including the design mix of concrete, a high amount of fly ash (commonly used to help prevent cracking), concrete finishes, the age of the concrete and the moisture content when the stain is applied. 

Non-reactive stains or topical stains do not chemically react with the concrete like reactive stains. These stains can be used with a floor that has defects that the client wants hidden or when the concrete is troweled so lightly that reactive stains cannot penetrate the concrete. ARS Specialty Contractors offers a full line of products that can be pigmented with a wide range of colors to achieve bolder hues not available with reactive stains. This provides a great option for interior as well as exterior applications. 

ARS Specialty Contractors advocates the use of an epoxy urethane system to seal stained concrete. Epoxy urethane is superior to a solvent or water-based sealer because it delivers superior protection.  Solvent based sealers require a significant amount of maintenance. The epoxy urethane system used by ARS Specialty Contractors provides a clear, abrasion-resistant glaze that is tough and easy to clean and does not require waxing. The end result is a beautiful floor that requires very little maintenance. 

Color Hardeners and Releases 
Color hardeners are troweled into concrete to add color to stamped concrete, or they can also be used to color grey concrete. Color releases are added right before stamping to add highlights and accented color to our stamped concrete. Hardeners and color releases can be mixed in different ratios, which gives the client hundreds of color choices.

Integral Color 
Integral color is a liquid pigment mixed into the concrete truck for use with stamped concrete and colored concrete applications. Integral color is a great way to add flare to your concrete when working with a budget.

Custom Finishes 
ARS Specialty Contractors can add a custom look to your fresh-pour concrete with a broom finish, swirl finish, smooth or hard trowel finish or with an exposed aggregate finish. Special layout and saw cuts can also be used in custom finishes. Integral colors, color hardeners, reactive and non-reactive stains can be used to enhance the final look of your custom finish.

Sandscape Texture
Sandscape texture is a cast-in-place concrete finish with dozens of color options. The hallmark of this finish is its remarkable and consistent texture. The process used to create this texture removes the surface of the concrete, revealing the fine sand surface underneath. This creates an exotic appearance and durable finish.

The spray-topping process involves applying a polymer cement product using modified paint equipment similar to a paint sprayer.  The result of this type of application is that the existing texture is preserved.  This is especially important when restoring existing decorative designs, such as stamped concrete.  Spray topping can be applied in a wide range of colors, which makes it an important tool for restoring and recoloring old, faded or stained concrete.

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