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Gypsum Underlayment

In 2013 Hacker Industries approached, vetted and approved ARS to install their line of high strength Gypsum Underlayments and their sound attenuation mats. This new division of ARS also supplies and installs an elevated membrane waterproofing system along with the necessary metals to meet and exceed architectural specifications on Multi-family Housing Projects. Over this waterproofing system ARS pumps and broom finish concrete on breezeways, corridors and balconies.

Our business model for this division is to grow at a rate that does not take reliability and performance away from our valued customers. The two managers of this division have over 70 years trade specific, hands on experience with both Gypsum Toppings and Light Weight concrete and waterproofing.

“Firm Fill” Gypsum Underlayments
Gypsum toppings are a necessary component of a UL Rated Floor Ceiling Assembly on Multi-Family buildings. Firm Fill underlayments are a part of that assembly. Firm Fill comes in a range of strengths that make it ideal for the high volume, low cost, apartment industry, and for those with floor leveling challenges. Renovations around the country have counted on Firm Fill to turn their uneven old floors into a flat, smooth and continuous surface that is ready for almost all know floor coverings. Strengths from 1500- 5000 psi make floor challenges easy to overcome.

Sound Attenuation Mats
To improve sound transmission between levels of apartments, condos and single family homes, sound mat can be installed prior to the installation of Firm Fill high strength underlayments. Depending on the assembly used, the IIC and STC rating can be greatly improved. The use of these assemblies is a major factor in achieving minimum sound ratings as required by building codes.

Waterproofing System
Historical failures in elevated waterproofing assemblies have led to the most economical yet effective waterproofing system on the market. The use of 60 mil membrane with applied techniques along with soldered galvanized, purpose specific pockets combined with a shedding edge, T-bar perimeter edge produce what has become the standard of the industry. This is what we install.

Gallery of Gypsum Underlayment Projects