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Stamped Concrete

Fresh Pour Stamp
Fresh pour stamped concrete is a cast-in-place concrete flooring that adds a distinctive architectural look to any project while maintaining the durability a concrete surface provides. ARS Specialty Contractors offers architects, builders, designers and homeowners an endless palette of colors, textures and patterns. Stamped concrete is often used to simulate real stone or brick. Stamped concrete patterns are created using at least two colors to give it the depth and variance found in real stone. The integral color is the base color in the concrete and the colored release acts as an accent color.  Colors can be mixed at different ratios, so the color choices are endless. ARS Specialty Contractors stamps concrete for a variety of commercial, municipal, and industrial applications when our clients want to upgrade a plain concrete surface or want to avoid the high cost of installing natural stone.

Overlay Stamp
An overlay stamp system offers a cost-effective solution for reviving and renovating existing projects. The system is used to achieve the same beauty and natural-looking appearance of the traditional “fresh pour stamp” without the need for the removal and replacement of the existing surface. This system offers numerous design options for vertical and horizontal applications.  In new construction, existing surfaces require minimal protection. Comparable to real stone, an overlay stamp system is an excellent choice for elevation standards.  In remodeling applications, the overlay stamp system transforms old or damaged concrete into beautiful concrete at a fraction of the cost of removal or replacement of an existing surface. The overlay has excellent abrasion resistance and can be open to traffic quickly.  It will bond to existing surfaces, even tile and wood, giving you the option of a beautiful stone or brick finish with minimal demolition.

Color Hardeners and Releases 
Color hardeners are troweled into concrete to add color to stamped concrete, or they can also be used to color grey concrete. Color releases are added right before stamping to add highlights and accented color to our stamped concrete. Hardeners and color releases can be mixed in different ratios, which gives the client hundreds of color choices.

Integral Color 
Integral color is a liquid pigment mixed into the concrete truck for use with stamped concrete and colored concrete applications. Integral color is a great way to add flare to your concrete when working with a budget.

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